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How does a handcrafted log building differ from an industrially built one?

The main difference between a handcrafted and an industrial log building is that in a handcrafted building, the logs are chosen, fitted and carved one by one. The log size vary and the logs retain their natural shapes: the top, the bottom, and the branch knots, which are skillfully fitted together. The logs are not passed through a plane or a lathe and they do not have any glued seams. The last finishing touch in a handcrafted building is made with a drawknife and a carving axe.

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Building a log building step by step

  1. A dream, an idea and seeking of funding.
  2. Design, applying building permission and laying the foundations.
  3. Acquiring the wood from own woodland or from a wood retailer, sawing to square logs if applicable and transport to the carving site.
  4. Peeling, drying and storage (6-12 months)
  5. Carving the frame at the carving site.
  6. Transporting the frame to the building site.
  7. Raising the building.
  8. Roof, doors, windows, floor etc. structures and finishing touches.

The wood can also be carved at the final building site, which cuts out two steps, moving and raising the building.