Villa Gahmberga restoration

IMG_5431Hongos carried out restoration work on Villa Gahmberga, owned by the Kauniainen council, in spring 2012. Villa Gahmberga was damaged in a fire in Autumn 2011. The structural design was designed by the engineering company Pentinmikko, the architecture by Livady and the work was checked by Procofin. Hongos was the sub-contractor for Paanurakenne. The log restoration work was exceptionally large with over 700 metres of logs replaced—that is enough to build a small detached house! Helsingin Sanomat wrote an article about the project.

Widow Gahmberg’s villa

  • “Klostret” ie. Villa Gahmberga was designed by architect Bertel Jung in 1907
  • The villa was built by widow Sofia Gahmberg for her home
  • It functioned as an all-girl boarding school until 1943, where the nickname ‘Klostret’ (monastery) came from
  • The building has two floors covering approx. 650 square metres
  • It is currently owned by the Kauniainen council
  • It is a part of the nationally renowed Gallträsk villa area