Dovetail notches in barrack E in Kuopio

IMG_0605 The barracks in Kuopio are one of eight barracks that were built for rifle corps in 1880. Wooden barracks were built using the same design in Kuopio and elsewhere and were finished in 1881. The design was developed by architects Broman and Lindqvist. The area is of national cultural siginificance having buildings made of wood and of bricks from the 1880’s and 1910’s. The Kuopio council was carrying out restoration work in the historical and protected building, barrack E, in winter 2010. The main contractor was Luja-Talot Oy and Hongos was the sub-contractor for log restoration. We changed the bottom log layer and carried out repair works in rotten parts as directed by the Finland’s National Board of Antiqitues. The work included, among others, two inner corners (dovetail notch) that we carved from old logs, reaching from the foundation to the roof (approx. 4.5m). We replaced enough metres of log to build a small sauna.