Info 26.7.2018/Landart Lapinjärvi
Logbuilder and artist H.H. is building a contemporary work of art in Lapinjärvi.

Konkelo challenges the finnish forestpeople and forestry

The artwork ”Konkelo” consists of trees, that have been torn off their soil by a storm. Konkelo transforms from an entangled pile of trees torn down by a storm into a twisted frame of logs of a cottage.

Logbuilder H.H. got the idea for this work from his and his neighbors forest. Logbuilder Hyvönen dislikes clearcuttings and manages his own forest by means of continuous- cover silviculture.

”I would like to keep my patch of forest standing, but now that the forest around it has been clearcut, also my trees are beig torn down by the first storm.”

Seems like our culture as a whole is in an entangled state of ”konkelo”, where threes are being torn down by a storm: we have to sacrifice our environment and health to our pursue of financial wellbeing, contemplates a traditional logbuilder (one of our endangered species himself) in Lapinjärvi exposition.

Land Art Lapinjärvi

Land Art Lapinjärvi has invited a group of spanish artists (Cova) and some finnish artists to a workshop of enviromental art in Lapinjärvi 21.-28.7.2018. The Exposition breathes with the seasons and will serve as a basis for a new gallery of environmental art.

Location: Lapinjärvi village. Date: Opening 28.7. From then on the exposition breathes with time.

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