Vatisaari ‘piilopirtti’

The ‘piilopirtti’ (small building) was carved at its building spot from pines felled by a storm. The building has a natural stone foundation, using both well sealing and beautiful saddle notch with log diameters of 25-40 cm. All visible wood surfaces—from the window sills to the inner roof—were made of specially chosen planks with natural shapes. A particularly special feature of the building is that the benches, the terraces and the roof structures were all built using tree roots and specially shaped wood. The sauna benches were carved from massive roots. The outer surface of the building has been finished using tar. You can read an article published in ‘Itä-Savo’ newspaper about the building here. IMG_9660 IMG_9604 IMG_9608 IMG_9625  IMG_9663IMG_7446 IMG_7443 IMG_7471 IMG_7463 Construction photos