Sauna with lounge at Puulavesi

100pros Hongos built a modern, ‘L’-shaped sauna with lounge by lake Puulavesi , in Kangasniemi, using dovetail notches. There was plenty of work with notches to be done as the building had six outside corners, ten altogether including the inner walls. As a special architectural feature, the benches in the lounge/dressing room were secured to the log frame. Tall windows the size of one log give a special look to the building. Electric cables were hidden inside the logs as planned. Square logs were finished with a drawknife and decorated using a carving axe. Sauna benches and benches, made of logs, were decorated with a carving chisel. All visible surfaces of the building were finished using hand tools. Traditional handcraft work at it’s best! IMG_7993 IMG_8162 IMG_8202 IMG_8185 IMG_8197 IMG_7950 IMG_7973 Construction photos