Finnish log carving brings inspiration for the digital era

Finnish log carving is looking for new avenues in the startup and technology event Slush. In the North, logs have been used in buildings for time immemorial. Hongos is a log studio situated in the middle of Finland whose concept entails customer focused log building design and construction. It is possible to admire and experience log surfaces without constructing a whole log building – handcarved log surfaces can be brought in to existing structures and spaces. One example is the Hotel President reception table, carved by Hongos. Even more surprising log innovation can be seen at the Cable Factory, where a log sauna and lounge has been built in an ex-air conditioning room, situated on the rooftop. Cable Factory now offers a chance for a log sauna experience with a seaview, in the middle of an urban industrial area. Hongos believes logs can become a part of interior designs in city environments. Massive logs quieten down cities’ background noices. Logs are also an acoustically sound material for studios working with sound and images. Hand carved log surface is art and therapy. Massive carved logs in themselves are something concrete and timeless which calms one’s mind and creates a safe atmosphere. ”We believe that log surfaces as interior design elements are going to be seen more in studios, offices and public spaces. ” says Hannes Hyvönen, Hongos founder. Airports could create silent zones for sound sensitive people using logs for noise reduction. Hongos believes that traditional log carving is finding a foothold in modern environments and work communities. ”Log surfaces create beautiful atmosphere and feelings of safety and peacefulness.” envisions Hannes.

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