A Handcrafted log building – a dream to come true

Traditional log building methods have been developed and tested for over a thousand years with amazing results. Log buildings that were built hundreds of years ago are still lived in, healthily and happily to this very day. Handcrafted log buildings are made to last for generations.

Handcrafted log buildings

Using the traditional method, each log is fitted into place one by one. A ready wall has alternating tops and bottoms of trees and carefully placed branch knots that enliven the log seams. Log surfaces that have been finished using a drawknife or a carving axe have timeless beauty that only gets better with age.

Made of real wood

Straight, slowly grown, Nordic pine with tightly packed fiber cells and a reddish tinge is possibly among the world’s best wood for building. When used in a log building this fine material gets a length of use that’s worthy of it’s value. A handcrafted log building’s components are made of singular trees, without any glued seams.

Unique and beautiful end result

Every handcrafted log building is unique and is built according to the customer’s vision. There are dozens of different notch types and finishing styles, decorational cuts and structural solutions to choose from. The customer will get to know the log workers, will know where the wood came from and how long the building process took. Every handcrafted building has a story.